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Perfectly Balanced in a Standard way – Perfect Balance Standard Pedal

In an ideal world we’d all be perfectly balanced…mentally I mean. Unfortunately due to Brexit, McDonalds, Thanos’ snap and John Barrowman, we can’t achieve that level of stability. Fortunately Sonor and JoJo Mayer took it upon themselves to restore balance and world order with the inclusion of the NEW Perfect Balance Standard Single Pedal by Jojo Mayer. Simplified features with the same feel. Let’s jam…

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If your foot has ever graced one of these pedals instantly you’ll notice a change. It’s like placing your foot on a memory-foam surface. It just FEELS right! Much of this is akin to the construction of the foot plate. Unlike most common pedals, there are no humps, bumps or engravings. It’s just sleek, smooth and simple allowing any drummer to execute their chosen foot technique with ease. The pedal itself visually looks simple with it’s slick design making it visually appealing.

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Where the Standard pedal differs from the Perfect Balance of the common folk is even further simplicity.They took away all the gimmicks like the compact folding system, the clamping mechanism, laser etching, gloss footplate and carry case to leave you with a pedal that’s still balanced, smooth and leaves your foot feeling buttery silky smooth for optimal performance allowing the execution of ideas in the purest of ways. It comes with the Ballistic fiber strap drive for further smooth feel and response, a ball bearing hinge and a Nylon carry bag for save passage to Winterfell for gigs.

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In summary, The Perfect Balance Standard pedal provides the same feel and execution of the main pedal at a lower price point. They removed the gimmick features to allow for the pedal itself to do the talking. You can even pair your new pedal with a pair of Nike Perfect Balance trainers (not a strict requirement, but they are damn confortable). We’ve had these new pedals land in store so come in and give your foot a treat!

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