5 Times Joey Jordison Was The Greatest!

RIP, Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison is one of the most influential drummers of our time. As one of the founding members of metal band Slipknot, Joey inspired a generation of drummers to pick up sticks for the first time with his incredible technical ability and unmatchable power and speed. Another disasterous blow to the drumming industry, so we picked out 5 times Joey was simply the GREATEST!

Slipknot – Joey Jordison Drum cam – Disasterpiece [Live at London 2002]

People complain about wearing masks going into shops, but Slipknot were doing it before it was the law…and playing CRAZY fast metal music while doing it! Here’s Disasterpiece from London 2002, all from Joeys drum cam!

Korn ft. Joey Jordison – Blind [Live at Rock am Ring 2007]

It wasn’t unlike Joey to be a sideman/stand-in from time to time, and his performance with Korn in 2007 proves Joey doesn’t need to hide behind a mask to put on a drumming CLINIC!

Slipknot – Eyeless Live

Two things about this video that are sensational:

  1. Joeys speed and technical ability

Metallica ft. Slipknot – Enter Sandman Joey Jordison

Another stand-in gig for Joey, this time with the LEGENDARY Metallica! Opinions about Lars aside, Joey absolutely made sure to stay in his lane playing this song…and did so IMPECCABLY.

Joey Jordison Drum Solo [LIVE]

It’s one thing to perform a drum solo infront of a massive crowd, it’s another entirely to do it while your drum riser is MOVING!! This shows not only that Joey is a phenomenal drummer, but also he’s an incredible showman!

Joey will go down in drumming history as one of the most expressive, powerful and influential drummers of all time, he’ll be deeply missed by drummers and Slipknot fans alike. He’ll be sorely missed.

What is your favourite Joey Jordison performance?

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