Product Spotlight – Meinl Pure Alloy Custom Cymbals

We check out the incredible new Pure Alloy Custom Cymbals from Meinl!

What does a classic cymbal mean to you? Would it be fully lathed or have visible hammer marks? Pinpoint definition or a smooth, mellow feel?

What if you could check ALL of those boxes?

This is Meinl Pure Alloy Custom.

A timeless voice with clarity, cut and shimmer, these cymbals have an added dose of flexibility, smoothness and warm wash to give you both a classic shine AND modern mellowness.

Meinl Pure Alloy Custom tech specs

  • Smoked bronze finish top brings out visible hammer marks
  • Brilliant finish underside
  • Fully lathed top and bottom
  • Pure Alloy bronze
  • Precision hammered into shape
  • Medium-thin weight for more give
  • Classic tone with modern abilities
  • Made in Germany

The particular cymbals we used in this video were the 15in Pure Alloy Custom Medium Thin Hi-Hats, the 18in Pure Alloy Custom Thin Crash, 18in Pure Alloy Custom Trash Crash and the 22in Pure Alloy Custom Medium Thin Ride

Please enjoy!

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