5 Times Thomas Lang Was A MACHINE!!!

Happy Birthday, Thomas Lang!

For those who don’t already know, Thomas Lang is an Austrian drummer residing in Los Angeles, California. If you’ve ever watched The Terminator, he’s basically the drumming equivelant of Arnold Swartznigger in that movie…but with a bit more personality and 100% more stick tricks. We held Thomas in clinic circa 2014 in Glasgow and he blew everyone away with his technical proficiancy behind the drums, so to mark his special day we gathered 5 of our favourite moments from “The Druminator” himself!

Thomas Lang – Best Drum Solo Of The World

This is probably how most of you got your introduction to Thomas Lang. He not only knows how to work a drum kit, but he knows how to effortless work a crowd, too!

Thomas Lang Plays “Time” on PDP Concept Series Set Up

I guess you could say, Thomas Lang is really good at playing…TIME (see what we did there?!)

Thomas Lang: “Mallory” Performance

Fun fact: Thomas filmed this before his audition for Freddie in the film School Of Rock, hense the outfit. I guess he didn’t realise the band had to be made from kids. He’d be a pretty rad Dewey Finn, though…

Thomas Lang playing “Finish Line” from the album “ProgPop”

You’ll absolutely benefit from watching this video five times and focus on each one of the cameras individually. The foot cam alone is INSANE!!

Thomas Lang “Sober” – Meinl Cymbals

Pardon the pun, but in this video Thomas Lang is as tight as a drum!!! His independence between all his limbs is so fluid that you’d think he has a thousand of them!

Thomas is certainly one of the greatest of our time! He’s super fluid and expressive while maintaining a cool, collected demeanor. I was first introduced to Thomas Lang in 2007, and he’s only become more incredible as the years have passed. We hope he has a fantastic birthday!

What is your favourite Thomas Lang performance?

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