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The NEW Yamaha DTX8 & 10 Electronic Drum Kits!

The year 2020 saw the release of Yamahas DTX6 Electronic Drum Kits. One year on, and Yamaha have announced their newest offering in high-end Electronics in the form of the DTX8 and the DTX10 – That’s right, Yamaha are doing mesh heads as well now! Here’s all the details…

Yamaha DTX 8 Series

Let’s firstly discuss the DTX8, as there’s a lot of familiarity to the DTX6. It uses the same DTX-Pro module, RS8 rack system and KP-90 Bass drum pad but is available in two different incarnations: DTX8K-M (Mesh) and DTX8K-X (TCS).

Both versions of the DTX8 feature the new Birch-Ply shell made in Yamahas Recording Custom factory and are fitted with absolute Lugs, making the gap between Electronic and Acoustic drums even shorter! The shells come in two different finishes: Real Wood & Black Forest, both of which are available for the DTX8K-X, and the DTX8K-M, the new MESH-HEAD Yamaha electronic kit…

DTX8K-M features Yamaha’s new 2-ply Mesh-head pads. Like other mesh-head pads on the market, these pads are tunable to allow for optimum feel and response to really personalise the playing experience. The mesh heads are easily replaceable and compatible with your preferred brand of mesh drumhead should you decide to swap it out or need a replacement further down the line.

DTX8 comes with the same DTX-PRO module, and as such allows for the same fantastic features built within. I won’t spend too much time going over the features of the DTX-PRO module, but here’s where you can learn more about it. The DTX10 however, raises the bar even FURTHER

DTX8K-M (featuring Cherrise Osei)

DTX8K-X (featuring Victoria Smith)


Yamaha DTX 10

Much like the DTX8, the DTX10 comes in two variations: DTX10K-M & DTX10K-X, respectively. It features the same Birch-Ply shells and hardware found in the DTX8 range, with more advanced pad variation included. One such example is the introduction of the new PCY175 17in 3-Zone Ride Cymbal Pad, along with the new RS10-HXR Rack, which is essentially like Yamahas Hex Rack for acoustic drums, only on STEROIDS.

Other key areas for differences continue with the KP128 Kick pad, which closely resembles a real Yamaha bass drum and is made from the same Birch shell as the tom and snare pads. The snare pad has also had an upgrade in the form of an XP125SD 2-Zone Snare Pad, available in both TCS and Mesh versions. The elephant in the room is the seriously beefed-up DTX-PROX Module, and it’s SERIOUSLY worth checking out…


The DTX-PROX Module carries a lot of the same features found in the revolutionary DTX-PRO Module, with expanded and game-changing additions. It offers completely unique audio quality, with new samples recorded for the module in some of Europe’s best studios. These sounds can be amplified utilising a complement of studio effects, allowing for each sound to be personalised for your precise needs!

In addition to the 700+ internal sounds, the PROX module offers scope to include up to 1,000 of your own, and with up to 10 outputs available, it makes this module a serious contender for the home recording suite of the year!

The DTX-PRO & PROX modules offer the exclusive Kit Modifier Knobs, located on the face of the module. These allow the user to adjust how the kit sounds in real-time, utilising room Ambience, Compression in addition to any other effect you so desire. Another exciting new capability of the PROX module is Bluetooth capability. It’s the first Yamaha module to allow for wireless connection to other decides such as a smartphone for music.

Another extremely exciting feature of this module is Guide Audio – for when you want to use backing tracks live but don’t want a computer on stage. Once you’ve prepared your backing tracks, the module takes care of the rest for you and allows you to balance your mix without changing the overall master volume and send it to various other folks on stage.

Perhaps the most unique feature is Live Set – This allows the module to generate click tracks for stereo audio files on USB drives and send the click via the headphone output for the drummer. In English, it means you don’t need to worry about creating a click track from your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for the backing track you wish to use, the module does it FOR you. GAME. CHANGED. From there, you’re about to route pad outputs to different individual outputs for live or studio use. It’s a VERY powerful module.

Yamaha DTX10K-X (featuring Larnell Lewis)

Yamaha DTX10K-M (featuring Duayne Sanford)


Yamaha’s new DTX8 & 10 range have raised the bar again in terms of how an electronic kit should function, making the transition from electronic to acoustic drums even more streamlined.

We have the DTX8K-M, DTX8K-X, DTX10K-M and DTX10K-X available now, so check them out and see which one you think will be the perfect fit for you!

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