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What Are DW Collector’s Series Drums?

Over the last 50 years, John Good, Don Lombardi, and their team have created some of the most amazing drums and innovations in the percussion world. From kits for beginners to complete custom series of drums, DW is the Ferrari of drum kits.

Since the company has expanded over the years, they have introduced new series of kits to the world. Their flagship offering is the Collector’s Series but to best understand exactly what the Collector’s Series is, we’ve broken down the differences between each of the drum kits available in the DW Drums series.

This series was created by DW to provide the DW sound at a price point just above a nice PDP kit. The kit is made of North American Maple (essential for sound quality) and assembled in Taiwan. They were able to deliver an excellent drum set at an incredible price by reducing labour costs. The Design Series is available in a variety of colour combinations and configurations, including Acrylic shells!

DW Performance Series drums are made of North American Maple and assembled in the same factory by the same hands as the Collector’s Series, but they are not intended to be customised. DW has put together some great sizes and colours for the drums, so while your options may be limited compared to the Collector’s Series, the quality is not. They also developed a unique shell configuration known as HVX. This technology ensured that the pitch of the drums decreased as the sizes increased, eliminating the need for the Collector’s Series to handpick shells.

Because of the incredible quality and sound of this kit, many famous players, including Tony Royster Jr., have chosen to play Performance over Collector’s. Look no further than the Performance Series if you want a high-end kit with an amazing look, feel, and sound at a mid-level price.

The Collector’s Series is all about customising your kit. Everything from hardware to shell ply configuration, finish, and sizes are available. You may spend more than the average kit, but trust me when we say it is well worth it.

The Collector’s Series is available in limited production run colours, but you can go as custom as you want. Choose from a variety of exotic woods, as well as your colour, fade, and size. We can also work with you to determine which shell configuration is best for each drum so that you get the exact sound you want. You may want higher-pitched tom toms but very low-floor toms, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

This offering from DW is unlike anything else on the market. Another thing we appreciate about the Collector’s Series is that each drum is pitch-matched to the kit. Since every piece of wood is unique, DW handpicks each drum for your custom kit and records the shell’s pitch before doing anything to it. This ensures that the drums, in their natural state, descend in pitch as they grow in size. This is critical for achieving that classic DW sound and providing you with the ideal, customised kit of your dreams.

With DW, you can’t go wrong. DW has you covered whether you are a professional, gigging musician, a church looking for quality without breaking the bank, or a hobbyist looking for something unique in your drum collection. As a drummer store, we’ve had many DW kits through our doors, each one sounds better than the last. The sound and feel of these kits are unrivalled!

Come and chat with us about getting a DW Collector’s Series today!

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